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Associated Students Incorporated

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Our History

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The first year the campus is open for enrollment (then called the Cal Poly Voorhis Unit), the first governing body, Student Activities Committee (SAC), is formed and headed by Avon Carlson.
Bronco Commons
SAC is renamed Student Affairs Council
Students with Faculty
Associated Students (AS) was established to legislate and administer all business regarding the student body.
Students in workshop
Associated Student Body (ASB) 1958- Inter-Club Council- Part of Associated Student Body is created to handle the many social clubs and activities that began to emerge.
Student and President of University shaking hands
Associated Students Incorporated is established with a structure similar to that of ASI today.
Students and President of University with a cow
Council of Organizational Representatives (COR) is formed.
Students spending time together
Three years after Associated Students Inc. was established, and as a campus made up of only 4,500 students staff and faculty, a committee was formed to put thoughts of a central meeting spot on campus into plans.
Empty room
On December 3 the College Union Proposal, a 27 page document, outlined the future of the college union and a college bookstore. The future union was to have a games room, library, art gallery, TV lounge, music room, multipurpose rooms, ticket sales, crafts room, food venues and more- much of what the Bronco Student Center currently has today.
Students eating lunch
On October 21, with 12,000 enrolled students, the University Union was opened. The Student Union, as it was called at the time, housed such services as an ice cream parlor, a beer bar, arts and crafts area, theater and meeting rooms. Today the former University Union is now the establishment of many ASI offices including Business Services, Gas Creative Group, ASI Student Government and Games Room Etc.
ASI Booth
April 22 - 25, 1991, students went to the polls to vote on increasing fees by $10 to expand the Union that students were growing out of. This expansion would include services that students requested such as a post office, study rooms and fast food. The possible expansion was denied by only 35 student votes.
Billy Bronco
In February 1996, after many attempts, students voted to increase fees for the expansion of their current University Union.
Welcome sign to the student union
Phase I of the$18.5 dollar University Union expansion finally began in February of 1997. At the same time design for Phase II of the expansion was finalized.
Billy Bronco
Phase I of the expansion was completed in just under a year which included renovation of the already standing University Union.
Students on stage
Groundbreaking for Phase II began in May 2000. This part of the expansion included a new addition to the University Union which would increase the building space from 77,000 to 122,000 square feet.
Opening of the BSC
In April 2003 the former University Union was officially renamed the Bronco Student Center. The doors to the BSC were opened during a ribbon-cutting ceremony attended by ASI President Uwaifo Obanor and University President Bob Suzuki.
In October 2003 the Bronco Student Center opened its doors to everyone on campus. The newly added facilities that students use today are the Bronco Fitness Center, Recreational Sports office, Center Court, Conference and Events office and service desk and many new meeting rooms.
Shot of BSC from Bronco Commons
The BSC fees were approved to be increased by the Fee Advisory Committee & President Ortiz; this would help fund the new recreation center.
Christopher Osuala and President Ortiz breaking ground for the BRIC
Ground was broken for the construction of the Bronco Recreation and Intramural Complex (BRIC).