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Associated Students Incorporated

California State Polytechnic University, Pomona



Image of the BRIC Indoor Rock Wall
Progress Update, September 9, 2014
Hours of Operaton (EFFECTIVE SEPTEMBER 27, 2014)
  • Monday - Thursday, 6am-12am
  • Friday, 6am-10pm
  • Saturday, 10am-10pm
  • Sunday, 10am-12am
Upcoming Events at the BRIC
  • Wednesday 9/24
    • 9am-8pm: Open for Membership Registration Only
  • Thursday 9/25
    • 9am-8pm: Open for Membership Registration Only
  • Friday 9/26
    • 4pm-7pm: Break In the BRIC (Open to all CPP students)
    • 7pm-10pm: BRIC Open for all registered members and guests
    • 10pm-2am: SPECIAL EVENT, Open to all registered members and guests (Activities co-sponsered by Interfraternity Council)

For more updates and exclusive photos of the BRIC, please follow us on Twitter (@CPP_BRIC).

Image of the front of BRIC
Progress Update, July 28, 2014

58 Days until Project Completion (September 12)

So much has been completed to date. The second floor courts have basketball backboards, divider curtains and scoreboards ready for use. Hundreds of ceiling tiles have been installed throughout the building with many of them gridded around the 100+ tubular skylights, drawing ample natural light into the building from the roof. Over 80 outlet boxes are patiently waiting on the second and third floors for power, coax (satellite TV) and network cable to support almost as many pieces of state-of-the-art cardio/fitness equipment. Hundreds of various sizes of lockers distributed throughout the building (for complimentary use during time spent in the BRIC) have been installed. Full height mirrors are in place for all fitness areas including the studios. The building is almost entirely enclosed (just waiting on the installation of the entry doors). The climbing wall has been erected and painted. The flooring will be installed mid-August to ready the space for its final (and most important) element. At the end of August, ASI’s Adventures Team will work together with Rockwerx (the sub-contractor responsible for the design and construction of the climbing wall) selecting from an array of 2,000 hand and foot holds to set the first routes (climbable surface approximately five feet wide that extends vertically from the base of the wall). There will be many routes set for all levels of skill and experience.

Flooring is being installed throughout the building. The wood floor for the courts is close to completion and they will begin striping in early August. Rubber sports flooring by Mondo will be installed in the second and third floor fitness areas and corridors as well as the Multi-Activity Court (a.k.a The MAC). Two of the five studios will begin wood floor installations while the other three receive specialized rubber flooring by Pavigym. The track is ready for its flooring, too – textured rubber flooring will be laid in tracks flowing around the outermost edge of the third floor.

The build-out of the two racquetball courts is underway and scheduled to be completed early to mid-August.

The beautiful concrete floors embedded with recycled glass in various shades of green and gold will soon be polished and ready for your admiration on the first floor.

Additional exterior hardscape and landscape has started to appear including new side walk along Eucalyptus and a path from down to Darlene May on the west side of the BRIC, additional pool deck and barbeque area, bike and skateboard parking.

We are anticipating that all critical work will be completed by the end of August so ASI can begin receiving and installing all of the furniture and equipment purchase for the building on September 2, 2014. At the same time, the recently hired student employees of Campus Recreation will begin training (September 3) for their new positions.

We are excited to welcome you to the BRIC as this project has been many years in the making and we know you are all very anxious to utilize this facility. Now, it is with great pleasure that we share these important dates with you:

  • Friday, Sept. 26: Join us for a CPP student only soiree where we will be hosting a pool party, live music, giveaways, prizes and more!
  • Wednesday, Oct. 8: The formal BRIC Grand Opening will be celebrated with students, faculty/staff and alumni.

For more updates and exclusive photos of the BRIC, please follow us on Twitter (@CPP_BRIC).

Glass and metal panels being installed on the BRIC
Progress Update, January 13, 2014

The construction site was very busy over winter break. A blend of beautiful glass and metal panels have been installed along half of the west (Darlene May side), south (pool side) and east elevations (Bronco Commons side). On the lower levels of the exterior, stone installation is starting this week.

There is so much activity happening inside the building. Spaces are starting to take shape as framing is erected throughout. The “dance floor,” a large scaffolding system stretching the length of the 4 court gymnasium, facilitates work on the underside of the roof (currently the ceiling grid that will hold the ceiling tiles). The 3rd floor railing enclosing the open area that overlooks the 2nd floor gymnasium has been completed. On the 2nd floor the electrical panels in the electrical room have been installed and the contractors are starting to pull wire. On the 1st floor, many of the rooms have been framed including the five activity studios and locker rooms. The contractors are now focused on framing Jamba Juice and installing the final sections of duct work.

One of the most dramatic architectural design features of the building is the skylight that will bring natural light into the climbing wall area and entry lobby. It’s easily recognized from the outside. Look for the section of the roof that is popped up. The contractors are working on framing the interior of the skylight.

Excited about construction, but even more interested in all the other details? The new website will be released in the spring quarter. In the meantime, get connected so you receive the latest and greatest on the BRIC and ASI’s Campus Recreation.

Rec Center Front
Progress Update, September 18, 2013

It is starting to take shape!

Over the summer the construction of the Bronco Recreation and Intramural Complex (BRIC) achieved major milestones including completing a portion of the new pool and deck area, steel erection of the main BRIC building, exterior restrooms to support special events in Bronco Commons, and a new emergency vehicle road to University Drive. This progress has opened up new pedestrian routes around Kellogg Gym, English Language Institute and Darlene May. Please refer to the BRIC construction route map to best navigate your way around campus.

While the BRIC is still under construction, a portion of the new pool area is available only for Kinesiology and Health Promotion Department (KHP) academic classes. KHP courses that will utilize the pool include instructional (open to all students) as well as major-specific courses required for degree completion. The original pools on the project site were owned by the state and operated by the academic side of the university. The use of the new pool by the academic program was part of the agreement (confirmed in writing with the CSU Chancellor’s Office) to build the BRIC on the old pool site.

Over the next academic year as the final phases of construction are completed, here is a preview of the activity that you may (or may not) be able to see happening on the site.

  • As of August 2013: Deck pours and slab on grade
  • Beginning October 2013: Exterior skin and glazing installation; interior build-out
  • Beginning December 2013: Skylight installation; exterior stone installation
  • Beginning February 2013: Climbing wall installation
  • Beginning June 2014: Fitness equipment installation; final landscaping and tie-in to Bronco Commons

The mandatory student fee for the BRIC does not take effect until the BRIC opens in Fall 2014. At that time, all enrolled students and registered members will be able to use the full complex which includes these features for the pool area:

  • More deck space
  • Barbecue area
  • Sound system
  • Deck furniture
  • Access to Jamba Juice and locker rooms (housed in the main BRIC building)

Throughout the next year, ASI and the University are working diligently to prepare for the opening of the BRIC. The Operating Agreement between ASI and CSU Trustees will be renewed and updated to include the administration of the BRIC by ASI. In addition to eight professional staff, over 200 students will be recruited, hired and trained to support various operations and programming. Policies and procedures will be finalized and equipment and furniture will be purchased. The Grand Opening of the BRIC will be here before you know it. Are you ready?!?

If you have any comments or concerns, please contact Krista Smith, Director of Recreation at (909-869-2317) or Leatha Elsdon, Senior Project Manager, at (909-869-4931). Thank you for your continued support and cooperation.

Rec Center Front
Progress Update, June 11, 2013

The new swimming pool for the BRIC is full of water and ready for the department of Kinesiology and Health Promotion’s academic classes. This half-acre portion of the construction project includes a 10-lane lap pool connected to a sizeable leisure pool as well as dedicated restrooms and support buildings. With the completion of the pool, some of the construction fence will be removed opening up new pedestrian walkways to Darlene May Gymnasium. For more information on how to access Darlene May Gym between Thursday, June 13, 2013 and Monday, July 8, 2013, view the BRIC Construction Route Map (Effective June 13). To view the access path starting Tuesday, July 9, 2013 until construction is completed, view the BRIC Construction Route Map (Effective July 9).

Additionally, this phase of construction produced restrooms to serve events hosted in Bronco Commons.

From many areas of the campus, you may have noticed a crane stretching into the sky. This is the crane facilitating the erection of steel for the main building of the BRIC. It arrived in pieces to the construction site on more than 16 semi-trucks and was assembled in less than one day.

The main building of the BRIC is scheduled to be completed by Fall 2014. At that time, all currently enrolled students and registered members from the campus community will have access to the 165,000 square-foot complex including the pool, 54-foot indoor rock climbing wall, five multi-activity studios, four-court gymnasium, indoor-running track, two racquetball courts, the latest cardio and strength training equipment and juice bar.

If you have any comments or concerns, please contact Krista Smith, Director of Recreation at (ext. 2317) or Leatha Elsdon, Senior Project Manager, at (ext. 4931). Thank you for your continued support and cooperation.